Community-driven effort to facilitate discovery, access and systematization of data related to automated program repair research


How to Explain a Patch: An Empirical Study of Patch Explanations in Open Source Projects
Jingjing Liang, Yaozong Hou, Shurui Zhou, Junjie Chen, Yingfei Xiong, Gang Huang
ISSRE 2019

Automating CUDA Synchronization via Program Transformation
Mingyuan Wu, Lingming Zhang, Cong Liu, Shin Hwei Tan, Yuqun Zhang
ASE 2019

PraPR: Practical Program Repair via Bytecode Mutation
Ali Ghanbari, Lingming Zhang
ASE 2019

InFix: Automatically Repairing Novice Program Inputs
Madeline Endres, Georgios Sakkas, Benjamin Cosman, Ranjit Jhala, Westley Weimer
ASE 2019

Re-Factoring Based Program Repair Applied to Programming Assignments
Yang Hu, Umair Z. Ahmed, Sergey Mechtaev, Ben Leong, Abhik Roychoudhury
ASE 2019

Inferring Program Transformations From Singular Examples via Big Code
Jiajun Jiang, Luyao Ren, Yingfei Xiong, Lingming Zhang
ASE 2019

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GenPat — inferring program transformation from historical bug fixes via big code

kGenProg — automated program repair tool written in Java for Java

PraPR — fast JVM bytecode-level, template-/mutation-based APR

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DroixBench — a collection of 24 reproducible crashes in open-source Android apps

Bears — an extensible Java bug benchmark for automatic program repair studies

BugSwarm — a dataset of thousands of real software bugs and their fixes

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Defects4J Dissection — presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset

RepairThemAll experiment — presents experimental data obtained using RepairThemAll framework

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