Program repair

Community-driven effort to facilitate discovery, access and systematization of data related to automated program repair research


Automatic Software Repair: A Bibliography
Martin Monperrus
ACM Comput. Surv. 51(1): 17:1-17:24 (2018)

Mining stackoverflow for program repair
Xuliang Liu, Hao Zhong
SANER 2018: 118-129

Automatically repairing dependency-related build breakage
Christian Macho, Shane McIntosh, Martin Pinzger
SANER 2018: 106-117

Using a probabilistic model to predict bug fixes
Mauricio Soto, Claire Le Goues
SANER 2018: 221-231

Dissection of a bug dataset: Anatomy of 395 patches from Defects4J
Victor Sobreira, Thomas Durieux, Fernanda Madeiral Delfim, Martin Monperrus, Marcelo de Almeida Maia
SANER 2018: 130-140

Common Bug-Fix Patterns: A Large-Scale Observational Study
Eduardo Cunha Campos, Marcelo de Almeida Maia
ESEM 2017: 404-413

QuixBugs: a multi-lingual program repair benchmark set based on the quixey challenge
Derrick Lin, James Koppel, Angela Chen, Armando Solar-Lezama
SPLASH (Companion Volume) 2017: 55-56

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DeepFix — tool for fixing common programming errors based on deep learning

JAID — an APR technique that uses detailed state abstractions to guide both fault localization and fix generation

JFix — semantics-based repair framework for Java programs

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Codeflaws — 3902 bugs from Codeforces programming competition for evaluating program repair tools across different defect classes

DBGBench — 291 (in)correct patches from real software professionals for 27 real bugs in C for the qualitative evaluation of automated repair techniques

QuixBugs — A parallel corpus of 40 programs in both Python and Java, each with a bug on one line

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Defects4J Dissection — presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset

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