Program repair

Community-driven effort to facilitate discovery, access and systematization of data related to automated program repair research


An Investigation into the Use of Mutation Analysis for Automated Program Repair
Christopher Steven Timperley, Susan Stepney, Claire Le Goues
SSBSE 2017: 99-114

S3: syntax- and semantic-guided repair synthesis via programming by examples
Xuan-Bach D. Le, Duc-Hiep Chu, David Lo, Claire Le Goues, Willem Visser
ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2017: 593-604

Automatically diagnosing and repairing error handling bugs in C
Yuchi Tian, Baishakhi Ray
ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2017: 752-762

Synergistic debug-repair of heap manipulations
Sahil Verma, Subhajit Roy
ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2017: 163-173

Better test cases for better automated program repair
Jinqiu Yang, Alexey Zhikhartsev, Yuefei Liu, Lin Tan
ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2017: 831-841

A feasibility study of using automated program repair for introductory programming assignments
Jooyong Yi, Umair Z. Ahmed, Amey Karkare, Shin Hwei Tan, Abhik Roychoudhury
ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2017: 740-751

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DeepFix — tool for fixing common programming errors based on deep learning

ACS — automated program repair tool with accurate condition synthesis

JFix — semantics-based repair framework for Java programs

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Codeflaws — 3902 bugs from Codeforces programming competition for evaluating program repair tools across different defect classes

DBGBench — 291 (in)correct patches from real software professionals for 27 real bugs in C for the qualitative evaluation of automated repair techniques

ManyBugs — automated program repair benchmark that consists of 185 defects from large popular open-source projects

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Defects4J Dissection — presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset

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