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Angelix — automated program repair tool based on symbolic analysis
CoderAssist — system for feedback generation
DeepFix — tool for fixing common programming errors based on deep learning
GenProg — automated program repair tool based on genetic programming
Kali — generate-and-validate patch generation system that only deletes functionality
LeakFix — safe memory-leak fixing tool for C programs
MintHint — program repair tool that generates repair hints to assist the programmer
Prophet — automated program repair that learns from correct patches
RSRepair — GenProg modification that uses random search
SPR — automated program repair tool with condition synthesis
SearchRepair — automated program repair that uses semantic code search over large repositories of candidate code bases to produce high-quality bug patches
SemFix — automated program repair tool based on symbolic analysis


AutoFix — automatic program repair of object-oriented programs with contracts


ACS — automated program repair tool with accurate condition synthesis
Astor — automatic software repair framework for Java (incl. GenProg, Kali and mutation repair for Java)
HistoricalFix — automated program repair tool that leverages bug fix history
JAID — an APR technique that uses detailed state abstractions to guide both fault localization and fix generation
JFix — semantics-based repair framework for Java programs
NPEFix — system that generates patches for Null Pointer Exceptions with meta-programming
Nopol — automated program repair tool for conditional expressions
QACrashFix — fixing Java crash bugs by querying StackOverflow
Repairnator — software development bot that automatically repairs build failures on Travis Continuous Integration
SimFix — fixing Java bugs by leveraging existing patches and similar code