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Iterative Circuit Repair Against Formal Specifications
Matthias Cosler, Frederik Schmitt, Christopher Hahn, Bernd Finkbeiner
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Adhere: Automated Detection and Repair of Intrusive Ads
Yutian Yan, Yunhui Zheng, Xinyue Liu, Nenad Medvidovic, Weihang Wang
ICSE 2023
Automated Program Repair in the Era of Large Pre-trained Language Models
Chunqiu Steven Xia, Yuxiang Wei, Lingming Zhang
ICSE 2023
Automated Repair of Programs from Large Language Models
Zhiyu Fan, Xiang Gao, Martin Mirchev, Abhik Roychoudhury, Shin Hwei Tan
ICSE 2023
Better Automatic Program Repair by Using Bug Reports and Tests Together
Manish Motwani, Yuriy Brun
ICSE 2023
CCTEST: Testing and Repairing Code Completion Systems
Zongjie Li, Chaozheng Wang, Zhibo Liu, Haoxuan Wang, Dong Chen, Shuai Wang, Cuiyun Gao
ICSE 2023
Impact of Code Language Models on Automated Program Repair
Nan Jiang, Kevin Liu, Thibaud Lutellier, Lin Tan
ICSE 2023
KNOD: Domain Knowledge Distilled Tree Decoder for Automated Program Repair
Nan Jiang, Thibaud Lutellier, Yiling Lou, Lin Tan, Dan Goldwasser, Xiangyu Zhang
ICSE 2023
Rete: Learning Namespace Representation for Program Repair
Nikhil Parasaram, Earl T. Barr, Sergey Mechtaev
ICSE 2023
Tare: Type-Aware Neural Program Repair
Qihao Zhu, Zeyu Sun, Wenjie Zhang, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang
ICSE 2023
Template-based Neural Program Repair
Xiangxin Meng, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun, Xudong Liu, Chunming Hu
ICSE 2023
Automated Program Repair from Fuzzing Perspective
Youngjae Kim, Seungheon Han, Askar Yeltayuly Khamit, Jooyong Yi
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ConfFix: Repairing Configuration Compatibility Issues in Android Apps
Huaxun Huang, Chi Xu, Ming Wen, Yepang Liu, Shing-Chi Cheung
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How Effective Are Neural Networks for Fixing Security Vulnerabilities
Yi Wu, Nan Jiang, Hung Viet Pham, Thibaud Lutellier, Jordan Davis, Lin Tan, Petr Babkin, Sameena Shah
ISSTA 2023
Quantitative Policy Repair for Access Control on the Cloud
William Eiers, Ganesh Sankaran, Tevfik Bultan
ISSTA 2023
Semantic-Based Neural Network Repair
Richard Schumi, Jun Sun
ISSTA 2023
MCRepair: Multi-Chunk Program Repair via Patch Optimization with Buggy Block
Jisung Kim, Byungjeong Lee
SAC 2023
A Hierarchical Topical Modeling Approach for Recommending Repair of Quality Bugs
Rrezarta Krasniqi, Hyunsook Do
SANER 2023
An Experience Report on Regression-Free Repair of Deep Neural Network Model
Takao Nakagawa, Susumu Tokumoto, Shogo Tokui, Fuyuki Ishikawa
SANER 2023
TemLock: A Lightweight Template-based Approach for Fixing Deadlocks Caused by ReentrantLock
Lili Bo, Yanchi Yuan, Xiaobing Sun, Hao Xie, Bin Li
SANER 2023
Arachne: Search-Based Repair of Deep Neural Networks
Jeongju Sohn, Sungmin Kang, Shin Yoo
TOSEM 32 (4) 2023
Hippodrome: Data Race Repair Using Static Analysis Summaries
Andreea Costea, Abhishek Tiwari, Sigmund Chianasta, Kishore R, Abhik Roychoudhury, Ilya Sergey
TOSEM 32 (2) 2023
Katana: Dual Slicing Based Context for Learning Bug Fixes
Mifta Sintaha, Noor Nashid, Ali Mesbah
TOSEM 32 (4) 2023
Patching Locking Bugs Statically with Crayons
Juan Cruz-Carlon, Mahsa Varshosaz, Claire Le Goues, Andrzej Wasowski
TOSEM 32 (3) 2023
Reliable Fix Patterns Inferred from Static Checkers for Automated Program Repair
Kui Liu, Jingtang Zhang, Li Li, Anil Koyuncu, Dongsun Kim, Chunpeng Ge, Zhe Liu, Jacques Klein, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
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Seeing the Whole Elephant: Systematically Understanding and Uncovering Evaluation Biases in Automated Program Repair
Deheng Yang, Yan Lei, Xiaoguang Mao, Yuhua Qi, Xin Yi
TOSEM 32 (3) 2023
The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Learned Embeddings with Engineered Features for Accurate Prediction of Correct Patches
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CirFix: Automated Hardware Repair and its Real-World Applications
Priscila Santiesteban, Yu Huang, Westley Weimer, Hammad Ahmad
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Generating Concise Patches for Newly Released Programming Assignments
Leping Li, Hui Liu, Kejun Li, Yanjie Jiang, Rui Sun
TSE 49 (1) 2023
How do Developers Really Feel About Bug Fixing? Directions for Automatic Program Repair
Emily Winter, David Bowes, Steve Counsell, Tracy Hall, Saemundur O. Haraldsson, Vesna Nowack, John R. Woodward
TSE 49 (4) 2023
Invalidator: Automated Patch Correctness Assessment Via Semantic and Syntactic Reasoning
Thanh Le-Cong, Duc-Minh Luong, Xuan-Bach Dinh Le, David Lo, Nhat-Hoa Tran, Bui Quang Huy, Huynh Quyet Thang
TSE 49 (6) 2023
Let's Talk With Developers, Not About Developers: A Review of Automatic Program Repair Research
Emily Winter, Vesna Nowack, David Bowes, Steve Counsell, Tracy Hall, Saemundur O. Haraldsson, John R. Woodward
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Neural Transfer Learning for Repairing Security Vulnerabilities in C Code
Zimin Chen, Steve Kommrusch, Martin Monperrus
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Program Repair With Repeated Learning
Liushan Chen, Yu Pei, Minxue Pan, Tian Zhang, Qixin Wang, Carlo A. Furia
TSE 49 (2) 2023
SeqTrans: Automatic Vulnerability Fix Via Sequence to Sequence Learning
Jianlei Chi, Yu Qu, Ting Liu, Qinghua Zheng, Heng Yin
TSE 49 (2) 2023
SynShine: Improved Fixing of Syntax Errors
Toufique Ahmed, Noah Rose Ledesma, Premkumar T. Devanbu
TSE 49 (4) 2023


Be Realistic: Automated Program Repair is a Combination of Undecidable Problems
Amirfarhad Nilizadeh, Gary T. Leavens
Can OpenAI's Codex Fix Bugs?: An evaluation on QuixBugs
Julian Aron Prenner, Hlib Babii, Romain Robbes
Enhancing Spectrum Based Fault localization Via Emphasizing Its Formulas With Importance Weight
Qusay Idrees Sarhan
Figra: Evaluating a larger search space for Cardumen in Automatic Program Repair
Alcides Fonseca, Máximo Oliveira
Framing Program Repair as Code Completion
Francisco Ribeiro, Rui Abreu, João Saraiva
Language Models Can Prioritize Patches for Practical Program Patching
Sungmin Kang, Shin Yoo
Revisiting Object Similarity-based Patch Ranking in Automated Program Repair: An Extensive Study
Ali Ghanbari
Scaling Genetic Improvement and Automated Program Repair
Mark Harman
Some Automatically Generated Patches are More Likely to be Correct than Others: An Analysis of Defects4J Patch Features
Gareth Bennett, Tracy Hall, David Bowes
Towards JavaScript program repair with Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-2)
Márk Lajkó, Viktor Csuvik, László Vidács
What Can Program Repair Learn From Code Review?
Madeline Endres, Pemma Reiter, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer
Keeping Secrets: Multi-objective Genetic Improvement for Detecting and Reducing Information Leakage
Ibrahim Mesecan, Daniel Blackwell, David Clark, Myra B. Cohen, Justyna Petke
ASE 2022
Toward Improving the Robustness of Deep Learning Models via Model Transformation
Yingyi Zhang, Zan Wang, Jiajun Jiang, Hanmo You, Junjie Chen
ASE 2022
Repairing Security Vulnerabilities Using Pre-trained Programming Language Models
Kai Huang, Su Yang, Hongyu Sun, Chengyi Sun, Xuejun Li, Yuqing Zhang
DSN Workshops 2022
A comprehensive study of code-removal patches in automated program repair
Davide Ginelli, Matias Martinez, Leonardo Mariani, Martin Monperrus
EMSE 27 (4) 2022
A controlled experiment of different code representations for learning-based program repair
Marjane Namavar, Noor Nashid, Ali Mesbah
EMSE 27 (7) 2022
Styler: learning formatting conventions to repair Checkstyle violations
Benjamin Loriot, Fernanda Madeiral, Martin Monperrus
EMSE 27 (6) 2022
An empirical study of deep transfer learning-based program repair for Kotlin projects
Misoo Kim, Youngkyoung Kim, Hohyeon Jeong, Jinseok Heo, Sungoh Kim, Hyunhee Chung, Eunseok Lee
FSE 2022
Less training, more repairing please: revisiting automated program repair via zero-shot learning
Chunqiu Steven Xia, Lingming Zhang
FSE 2022
PyTER: effective program repair for Python type errors
Wonseok Oh, Hakjoo Oh
FSE 2022
Towards developer-centered automatic program repair: findings from Bloomberg
Emily Winter, Vesna Nowack, David Bowes, Steve Counsell, Tracy Hall, Sæmundur Haraldsson, John R. Woodward, Serkan Kirbas, Etienne Windels, Olayori McBello, Abdurahman Atakishiyev, Kevin Kells, Matthew W. Pagano
FSE 2022
VulRepair: a T5-based automated software vulnerability repair
Michael Fu, Chakkrit Tantithamthavorn, Trung Le, Van Nguyen, Dinh Q. Phung
FSE 2022
Fair Decision Making via Automated Repair of Decision Trees
Jiang Zhang, Ivan Beschastnikh, Sergey Mechtaev, Abhik Roychoudhury
FairWare@ICSE 2022
Fair Decision Making via Automated Repair of Decision Trees
Jiang Zhang, Ivan Beschastnikh, Sergey Mechtaev, Abhik Roychoudhury
FairWare@ICSE 2022
Improving source-code representations to enhance search-based software repair
Pemma Reiter, Antonio M. Espinoza, Adam Doupé, Ruoyu Wang, Westley Weimer, Stephanie Forrest
GECCO 2022
Sound and Complete Neural Network Repair with Minimality and Locality Guarantees
Feisi Fu, Wenchao Li
ICLR 2022
Causality-Based Neural Network Repair
Bing Sun, Jun Sun, Long H. Pham, Tie Shi
ICSE 2022
DEAR: A Novel Deep Learning-based Approach for Automated Program Repair
Yi Li, Shaohua Wang, Tien N. Nguyen
ICSE 2022
DeepDiagnosis: Automatically Diagnosing Faults and Recommending Actionable Fixes in Deep Learning Programs
Mohammad Wardat, Breno Dantas Cruz, Wei Le, Hridesh Rajan
ICSE 2022
Improving Fault Localization and Program Repair with Deep Semantic Features and Transferred Knowledge
Xiangxin Meng, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun, Xudong Liu
ICSE 2022
NPEX: Repairing Java Null Pointer Exceptions without Tests
Junhee Lee, Seongjoon Hong, Hakjoo Oh
ICSE 2022
Neural Program Repair with Execution-based Backpropagation
He Ye, Matias Martinez, Martin Monperrus
ICSE 2022
PROPR: Property-Based Automatic Program Repair
Matthías Páll Gissurarson, Leonhard Applis, Annibale Panichella, Arie van Deursen, David Sands
ICSE 2022
Repairing Brain-Computer Interfaces with Fault-Based Data Acquisition
Cailin Winston, Caleb Winston, Chloe N. Winston, Claris Winston, Cleah Winston, Rajesh P. N. Rao, René Just
ICSE 2022
Repairing Order-Dependent Flaky Tests via Test Generation
Chengpeng Li, Chenguang Zhu, Wenxi Wang, August Shi
ICSE 2022
Towards Automatically Repairing Compatibility Issues in Published Android Apps
Yanjie Zhao, Li Li, Kui Liu, John C. Grundy
ICSE 2022
Towards Boosting Patch Execution On-the-Fly
Samuel Benton, Yuntong Xie, Lan Lu, Mengshi Zhang, Xia Li, Lingming Zhang
ICSE 2022
Trust Enhancement Issues in Program Repair
Yannic Noller, Ridwan Salihin Shariffdeen, Xiang Gao, Abhik Roychoudhury
ICSE 2022
Automated Repair of Responsive Web Page Layouts
Ibrahim Althomali, Gregory M. Kapfhammer, Phil McMinn
ICST 2022
Repairing Fragile GUI Test Cases Using Word and Layout Embedding
Juyeon Yoon, Seungjoon Chung, Kihyuck Shin, Jinhan Kim, Shin Hong, Shin Yoo
ICST 2022
ATR: template-based repair for Alloy specifications
Guolong Zheng, ThanhVu Nguyen, Simón Gutiérrez Brida, Germán Regis, Nazareno Aguirre, Marcelo F. Frias, Hamid Bagheri
ISSTA 2022
CIRCLE: continual repair across programming languages
Wei Yuan, Quanjun Zhang, Tieke He, Chunrong Fang, Nguyen Quoc Viet Hung, Xiaodong Hao, Hongzhi Yin
ISSTA 2022
Detecting and fixing data loss issues in Android apps
Wunan Guo, Zhen Dong, Liwei Shen, Wei Tian, Ting Su, Xin Peng
ISSTA 2022
HybridRepair: towards annotation-efficient repair for deep learning models
Yu Li, Muxi Chen, Qiang Xu
ISSTA 2022
Maestro: a platform for benchmarking automatic program repair tools on software vulnerabilities
Eduard Pinconschi, Quang-Cuong Bui, Rui Abreu, Pedro Adão, Riccardo Scandariato
ISSTA 2022
Patch correctness assessment in automated program repair based on the impact of patches on production and test code
Ali Ghanbari, Andrian Marcus
ISSTA 2022
Program vulnerability repair via inductive inference
Yuntong Zhang, Xiang Gao, Gregory J. Duck, Abhik Roychoudhury
ISSTA 2022
Speeding up constraint-based program repair using a search-based technique
Jooyong Yi, Elkhan Ismayilzada
Inf. Softw. Technol. 146 2022
Estimating the potential of program repair search spaces with commit analysis
Khashayar Etemadi, Niloofar Tarighat, Siddharth Yadav, Matias Martinez, Martin Monperrus
J. Syst. Softw. 188 2022
FixJS: A Dataset of Bug-fixing JavaScript Commits
Viktor Csuvik, László Vidács
MSR 2022
Vul4J: A Dataset of Reproducible Java Vulnerabilities Geared Towards the Study of Program Repair Techniques
Quang-Cuong Bui, Riccardo Scandariato, Nicolás E. Díaz Ferreyra
MSR 2022
Neurosymbolic repair for low-code formula languages
Rohan Bavishi, Harshit Joshi, José Cambronero, Anna Fariha, Sumit Gulwani, Vu Le, Ivan Radicek, Ashish Tiwari
Proc. ACM Program. Lang. 6 (OOPSLA2) 2022
Oracle-free repair synthesis for floating-point programs
Daming Zou, Yuchen Gu, Yuanfeng Shi, Mingzhe Wang, Yingfei Xiong, Zhendong Su
Proc. ACM Program. Lang. 6 (OOPSLA2) 2022
Seq2Parse: neurosymbolic parse error repair
Georgios Sakkas, Madeline Endres, Philip J. Guo, Westley Weimer, Ranjit Jhala
Proc. ACM Program. Lang. 6 (OOPSLA2) 2022
Can We Automatically Fix Bugs by Learning Edit Operations?
Aidan Connor, Aaron Harris, Nathan Cooper, Denys Poshyvanyk
SANER 2022
Detect, Fix, and Verify TensorFlow API Misuses
Wilson Baker, Michael O'Connor, Seyed Reza Shahamiri, Valerio Terragni
SANER 2022
NeuRecover: Regression-Controlled Repair of Deep Neural Networks with Training History
Shogo Tokui, Susumu Tokumoto, Akihito Yoshii, Fuyuki Ishikawa, Takao Nakagawa, Kazuki Munakata, Shinji Kikuchi
SANER 2022
Context-Aware Code Change Embedding for Better Patch Correctness Assessment
Bo Lin, Shangwen Wang, Ming Wen, Xiaoguang Mao
TOSEM 31 (3) 2022
L2S: A Framework for Synthesizing the Most Probable Program under a Specification
Yingfei Xiong, Bo Wang
TOSEM 31 (3) 2022
Predicting Patch Correctness Based on the Similarity of Failing Test Cases
Haoye Tian, Yinghua Li, Weiguo Pian, Abdoul Kader Kaboré, Kui Liu, Andrew Habib, Jacques Klein, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
TOSEM 31 (4) 2022
Verifix: Verified Repair of Programming Assignments
Umair Z. Ahmed, Zhiyu Fan, Jooyong Yi, Omar I. Al-Bataineh, Abhik Roychoudhury
TOSEM 31 (4) 2022
Aroc: An Automatic Repair Framework for On-Chain Smart Contracts
Hai Jin, Zeli Wang, Ming Wen, Weiqi Dai, Yu Zhu, Deqing Zou
TSE 48 (11) 2022
Automated Classification of Overfitting Patches With Statically Extracted Code Features
He Ye, Jian Gu, Matias Martinez, Thomas Durieux, Martin Monperrus
TSE 48 (8) 2022
Automatic Detection, Validation, and Repair of Race Conditions in Interrupt-Driven Embedded Software
Yu Wang, Fengjuan Gao, Linzhang Wang, Tingting Yu, Jianhua Zhao, Xuandong Li
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Evaluating Automatic Program Repair Capabilities to Repair API Misuses
Maria Kechagia, Sergey Mechtaev, Federica Sarro, Mark Harman
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GUI-Guided Test Script Repair for Mobile Apps
Minxue Pan, Tongtong Xu, Yu Pei, Zhong Li, Tian Zhang, Xuandong Li
TSE 48 (3) 2022
Quality of Automated Program Repair on Real-World Defects
Manish Motwani, Mauricio Soto, Yuriy Brun, René Just, Claire Le Goues
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Restore: Retrospective Fault Localization Enhancing Automated Program Repair
Tongtong Xu, Liushan Chen, Yu Pei, Tian Zhang, Minxue Pan, Carlo A. Furia
TSE 48 (2) 2022
Trident: Controlling Side Effects in Automated Program Repair
Nikhil Parasaram, Earl T. Barr, Sergey Mechtaev
TSE 48 (12) 2022


Automated Code Repair to Ensure Spatial Memory Safety
Will Klieber, Ruben Martins, Ryan Steele, Matt Churilla, Mike McCall, David Svoboda
Challenging the Stigma of Formal Program Repair
Bat-Chen Rothenberg
Domain invariant-based spreadsheet debugging
Xiaoyan Wang, Jie Zhao
Exploring Plausible Patches Using Source Code Embeddings in JavaScript
Viktor Csuvik, Dániel Horváth, Márk Lajkó, László Vidács
Extractive Summarization of Related Bug-fixing Comments in Support of Bug Repair
Rrezarta Krasniqi
Please hold on: more time = more patches? Automated program repair as anytime algorithms
Duc Ly Vu, Ivan Pashchenko, Fabio Massacci
Refining Fitness Functions for Search-Based Program Repair
Zhiqiang Bian, Aymeric Blot, Justyna Petke
Tackling Software Architecture Erosion: Joint Architecture and Implementation Repairing by a Knowledge-based Approach
Christoph Knieke, Andreas Rausch, Mirco Schindler
HyperGI: Automated Detection and Repair of Information Flow Leakage
Ibrahim Mesecan, Daniel Blackwell, David Clark, Myra B. Cohen, Justyna Petke
ASE 2021
Automated patch assessment for program repair at scale
He Ye, Matias Martinez, Martin Monperrus
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Where were the repair ingredients for Defects4j bugs?
Deheng Yang, Kui Liu, Dongsun Kim, Anil Koyuncu, Kisub Kim, Haoye Tian, Yan Lei, Xiaoguang Mao, Jacques Klein, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
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A syntax-guided edit decoder for neural program repair
Qihao Zhu, Zeyu Sun, Yuan-an Xiao, Wenjie Zhang, Kang Yuan, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang
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Context-aware and data-driven feedback generation for programming assignments
Dowon Song, Woosuk Lee, Hakjoo Oh
FSE 2021
VarFix: balancing edit expressiveness and search effectiveness in automated program repair
Chu-Pan Wong, Priscila Santiesteban, Christian Kästner, Claire Le Goues
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Applying Automated Program Repair to Dataflow Programming Languages
Yu Huang, Hammad Ahmad, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer
GI@ICSE 2021
CRNRepair: Automated Program Repair of Chemical Reaction Networks
Ibrahim Mesecan, Michael C. Gerten, James I. Lathrop, Myra B. Cohen, Tomas Haddad Caldas
GI@ICSE 2021
Partial Specifications for Program Repair
Linsey Kitt, Myra B. Cohen
GI@ICSE 2021
Uniform Edit Selection for Genetic Improvement: Empirical Analysis of Mutation Operator Efficacy
Marta Smigielska, Aymeric Blot, Justyna Petke
GI@ICSE 2021
Break-It-Fix-It: Unsupervised Learning for Program Repair
Michihiro Yasunaga, Percy Liang
ICML 2021
TFix: Learning to Fix Coding Errors with a Text-to-Text Transformer
Berkay Berabi, Jingxuan He, Veselin Raychev, Martin T. Vechev
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Bounded Exhaustive Search of Alloy Specification Repairs
Simón Gutiérrez Brida, Germán Regis, Guolong Zheng, Hamid Bagheri, ThanhVu Nguyen, Nazareno Aguirre, Marcelo F. Frias
ICSE 2021
CURE: Code-Aware Neural Machine Translation for Automatic Program Repair
Nan Jiang, Thibaud Lutellier, Lin Tan
ICSE 2021
Shipwright: A Human-in-the-Loop System for Dockerfile Repair
Jordan Henkel, Denini Silva, Leopoldo Teixeira, Marcelo d'Amorim, Thomas W. Reps
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Interactive Patch Filtering as Debugging Aid
Jingjing Liang, Ruyi Ji, Jiajun Jiang, Shurui Zhou, Yiling Lou, Yingfei Xiong, Gang Huang
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Revisiting Test Cases to Boost Generate-and-Validate Program Repair
Jingtang Zhang, Kui Liu, Dongsun Kim, Li Li, Zhe Liu, Jacques Klein, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
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Sirius: Static Program Repair with Dependence Graph-Based Systematic Edit Patterns
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Automatic Program Repair as Semantic Suggestions: An Empirical Study
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Exploring True Test Overfitting in Dynamic Automated Program Repair using Formal Methods
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A Software-Repair Robot Based on Continual Learning
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Automatic Program Repair
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On The Introduction of Automatic Program Repair in Bloomberg
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Automated patch backporting in Linux (experience paper)
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Fixing dependency errors for Python build reproducibility
Suchita Mukherjee, Abigail Almanza, Cindy Rubio-González
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GUIDER: GUI structure and vision co-guided test script repair for Android apps
Tongtong Xu, Minxue Pan, Yu Pei, Guiyin Li, Xia Zeng, Tian Zhang, Yuetang Deng, Xuandong Li
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A critical review on the evaluation of automated program repair systems
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A large-scale study on human-cloned changes for automated program repair
Fernanda Madeiral, Thomas Durieux
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Applying CodeBERT for Automated Program Repair of Java Simple Bugs
Ehsan Mashhadi, Hadi Hemmati
MSR 2021
Concolic program repair
Ridwan Salihin Shariffdeen, Yannic Noller, Lars Grunske, Abhik Roychoudhury
PLDI 2021
Provable repair of deep neural networks
Matthew Sotoudeh, Aditya V. Thakur
PLDI 2021
Repairing serializability bugs in distributed database programs via automated schema refactoring
Kia Rahmani, Kartik Nagar, Benjamin Delaware, Suresh Jagannathan
PLDI 2021
FrameFix: Automatically Repairing Statically-Detected Directive Violations in Framework Applications
Zack Coker, Joshua Sunshine, Claire Le Goues
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Is the Ground Truth Really Accurate? Dataset Purification for Automated Program Repair
Deheng Yang, Yan Lei, Xiaoguang Mao, David Lo, Huan Xie, Meng Yan
SANER 2021
On the Impact of Flaky Tests in Automated Program Repair
Yihao Qin, Shangwen Wang, Kui Liu, Xiaoguang Mao, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
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Refining Fitness Functions for Search-Based Automated Program Repair - A Case Study with ARJA and ARJA-e
Giovani Guizzo, Aymeric Blot, James Callan, Justyna Petke, Federica Sarro
SSBSE 2021
Automated Patch Transplantation
Ridwan Salihin Shariffdeen, Shin Hwei Tan, Mingyuan Gao, Abhik Roychoudhury
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Beyond Tests: Program Vulnerability Repair via Crash Constraint Extraction
Xiang Gao, Bo Wang, Gregory J. Duck, Ruyi Ji, Yingfei Xiong, Abhik Roychoudhury
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Contract-Based Program Repair Without The Contracts: An Extended Study
Liushan Chen, Yu Pei, Carlo A. Furia
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IntRepair: Informed Repairing of Integer Overflows
Paul Muntean, Martin Monperrus, Hao Sun, Jens Grossklags, Claudia Eckert
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Mining Fix Patterns for FindBugs Violations
Kui Liu, Dongsun Kim, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Shin Yoo, Yves Le Traon
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SOSRepair: Expressive Semantic Search for Real-World Program Repair
Afsoon Afzal, Manish Motwani, Kathryn T. Stolee, Yuriy Brun, Claire Le Goues
TSE 47 (10) 2021
SequenceR: Sequence-to-Sequence Learning for End-to-End Program Repair
Zimin Chen, Steve Kommrusch, Michele Tufano, Louis-Noël Pouchet, Denys Poshyvanyk, Martin Monperrus
TSE 47 (9) 2021
The Assessor's Dilemma: Improving Bug Repair via Empirical Game Theory
Carlos Gavidia-Calderon, Federica Sarro, Mark Harman, Earl T. Barr
TSE 47 (10) 2021
Automated Repair of Heap-Manipulating Programs Using Deductive Synthesis
Thanh-Toan Nguyen, Quang-Trung Ta, Ilya Sergey, Wei-Ngan Chin
VMCAI 2021


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Automated Patch Correctness Assessment: How Far are We?
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Must Fault Localization for Program Repair
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Type error feedback via analytic program repair
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Intent-Preserving Test Repair
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ICSME 2016
ARROW: automated repair of races on client-side web pages
Weihang Wang, Yunhui Zheng, Peng Liu, Lei Xu, Xiangyu Zhang, Patrick Eugster
ISSTA 2016
ASTOR: a program repair library for Java (demo)
Matias Martinez, Martin Monperrus
ISSTA 2016
Optimal sanitization synthesis for web application vulnerability repair
Fang Yu, Ching-Yuan Shueh, Chun-Han Lin, Yu-Fang Chen, Bow-Yaw Wang, Tevfik Bultan
ISSTA 2016
A deeper look into bug fixes: patterns, replacements, deletions, and additions
Mauricio Soto, Ferdian Thung, Chu-Pan Wong, Claire Le Goues, David Lo
MSR 2016
Automatic patch generation by learning correct code
Fan Long, Martin C. Rinard
POPL 2016
Automated memory leak fixing on value-flow slices for C programs
Hua Yan, Yulei Sui, Shiping Chen, Jingling Xue
SAC 2016
Toward improving ability to repair bugs automatically: a patch candidate location mechanism using code similarity
Haruki Yokoyama, Yoshiki Higo, Keisuke Hotta, Takafumi Ohta, Kozo Okano, Shinji Kusumoto
SAC 2016
History Driven Program Repair
Xuan-Bach Dinh Le, David Lo, Claire Le Goues
SANER 2016
sk_p: a neural program corrector for MOOCs
Yewen Pu, Karthik Narasimhan, Armando Solar-Lezama, Regina Barzilay
SPLASH (Companion Volume) 2016
Improved Crossover Operators for Genetic Programming for Program Repair
Vinicius Paulo L. Oliveira, Eduardo Faria de Souza, Claire Le Goues, Celso G. Camilo-Junior
SSBSE 2016


Fixing Recurring Crash Bugs via Analyzing Q&A Sites (T)
Qing Gao, Hansheng Zhang, Jie Wang, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang, Hong Mei
ASE 2015
Repairing Programs with Semantic Code Search (T)
Yalin Ke, Kathryn T. Stolee, Claire Le Goues, Yuriy Brun
ASE 2015
A Type-Directed Approach to Program Repair
Alex Reinking, Ruzica Piskac
CAV 2015
Deductive Program Repair
Etienne Kneuss, Manos Koukoutos, Viktor Kuncak
CAV 2015
Mining software repair models for reasoning on the search space of automated program fixing
Matias Martinez, Martin Monperrus
EMSE 20 (1) 2015
Is the cure worse than the disease? overfitting in automated program repair
Edward K. Smith, Earl T. Barr, Claire Le Goues, Yuriy Brun
FSE 2015
Staged program repair with condition synthesis
Fan Long, Martin C. Rinard
FSE 2015
Repairing COTS Router Firmware without Access to Source Code or Test Suites: A Case Study in Evolutionary Software Repair
Eric M. Schulte, Westley Weimer, Stephanie Forrest
GECCO (Companion) 2015
An Empirical Study on Real Bug Fixes
Hao Zhong, Zhendong Su
ICSE 2015
CARAMEL: Detecting and Fixing Performance Problems That Have Non-Intrusive Fixes
Adrian Nistor, Po-Chun Chang, Cosmin Radoi, Shan Lu
ICSE 2015
DirectFix: Looking for Simple Program Repairs
Sergey Mechtaev, Jooyong Yi, Abhik Roychoudhury
ICSE 2015
Safe Memory-Leak Fixing for C Programs
Qing Gao, Yingfei Xiong, Yaqing Mi, Lu Zhang, Weikun Yang, Zhaoping Zhou, Bing Xie, Hong Mei
ICSE 2015
relifix: Automated Repair of Software Regressions
Shin Hwei Tan, Abhik Roychoudhury
ICSE 2015
Automated Program Repair in an Integrated Development Environment
Yu Pei, Carlo A. Furia, Martín Nordio, Bertrand Meyer
ICSE (2) 2015
Poster: Automatically Fixing Real-World JavaScript Performance Bugs
Marija Selakovic, Michael Pradel
ICSE (2) 2015
Toward improving graftability on automated program repair
Soichi Sumi, Yoshiki Higo, Keisuke Hotta, Shinji Kusumoto
ICSME 2015
Experience report: How do techniques, programs, and tests impact automated program repair?
Xianglong Kong, Lingming Zhang, W. Eric Wong, Bixin Li
ISSRE 2015
Should fixing these failures be delegated to automated program repair?
Xuan-Bach Dinh Le, Tien-Duy B. Le, David Lo
ISSRE 2015
An analysis of patch plausibility and correctness for generate-and-validate patch generation systems
Zichao Qi, Fan Long, Sara Achour, Martin C. Rinard
ISSTA 2015
ConcBugAssist: constraint solving for diagnosis and repair of concurrency bugs
Sepideh Khoshnood, Markus Kusano, Chao Wang
ISSTA 2015
Automatic error elimination by horizontal code transfer across multiple applications
Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos, Eric Lahtinen, Fan Long, Martin C. Rinard
PLDI 2015
The ManyBugs and IntroClass Benchmarks for Automated Repair of C Programs
Claire Le Goues, Neal J. Holtschulte, Edward K. Smith, Yuriy Brun, Premkumar T. Devanbu, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer
TSE 41 (12) 2015


Towards self-healing smartphone software via automated patching
Tanzirul Azim, Iulian Neamtiu, Lisa M. Marvel
ASE 2014
Automatic repair of buggy if conditions and missing preconditions with SMT
Favio Demarco, Jifeng Xuan, Daniel Le Berre, Martin Monperrus
CSTVA 2014
Automatically Fixing C Buffer Overflows Using Program Transformations
Alex Shaw, Dusten Doggett, Munawar Hafiz
DSN 2014
Automatic Program Repair by Fixing Contracts
Yu Pei, Carlo A. Furia, Martín Nordio, Bertrand Meyer
FASE 2014
Automatically generated patches as debugging aids: a human study
Yida Tao, Jindae Kim, Sunghun Kim, Chang Xu
FSE 2014
Grail: context-aware fixing of concurrency bugs
Peng Liu, Omer Tripp, Charles Zhang
FSE 2014
The plastic surgery hypothesis
Earl T. Barr, Yuriy Brun, Premkumar T. Devanbu, Mark Harman, Federica Sarro
FSE 2014
A critical review of "automatic patch generation learned from human-written patches": essay on the problem statement and the evaluation of automatic software repair
Martin Monperrus
ICSE 2014
MintHint: automated synthesis of repair hints
Shalini Kaleeswaran, Varun Tulsian, Aditya Kanade, Alessandro Orso
ICSE 2014
The strength of random search on automated program repair
Yuhua Qi, Xiaoguang Mao, Yan Lei, Ziying Dai, Chengsong Wang
ICSE 2014
Vejovis: suggesting fixes for JavaScript faults
Frolin S. Ocariza Jr., Karthik Pattabiraman, Ali Mesbah
ICSE 2014
Do the fix ingredients already exist? an empirical inquiry into the redundancy assumptions of program repair approaches
Matias Martinez, Westley Weimer, Martin Monperrus
ICSE Companion 2014
An Assessment of the Quality of Automated Program Operator Repair
Fatmah Yousef Assiri, James M. Bieman
ICST 2014
Automatic repair for multi-threaded programs with Deadlock/Livelock using maximum satisfiability
Yiyan Lin, Sandeep S. Kulkarni
ISSTA 2014
Defects4J: a database of existing faults to enable controlled testing studies for Java programs
René Just, Darioush Jalali, Michael D. Ernst
ISSTA 2014
Semantic differential repair for input validation and sanitization
Muath Alkhalaf, Abdulbaki Aydin, Tevfik Bultan
ISSTA 2014
Cost-Aware Automatic Program Repair
Roopsha Samanta, Oswaldo Olivo, E. Allen Emerson
SAS 2014
Automated Fixing of Programs with Contracts
Yu Pei, Carlo A. Furia, Martín Nordio, Yi Wei, Bertrand Meyer, Andreas Zeller
TSE 40 (5) 2014
Automatic detection and correction of web application vulnerabilities using data mining to predict false positives
Iberia Medeiros, Nuno Neves, Miguel Correia
WWW 2014


Leveraging program equivalence for adaptive program repair: Models and first results
Westley Weimer, Zachary P. Fry, Stephanie Forrest
ASE 2013
Automated repair of binary and assembly programs for cooperating embedded devices
Eric M. Schulte, Jonathan DiLorenzo, Westley Weimer, Stephanie Forrest
Program Repair without Regret
Christian von Essen, Barbara Jobstmann
CAV 2013
Repair with On-The-Fly Program Analysis
Robert Könighofer, Roderick Bloem
Haifa Verification Conference 2013
Automatic patch generation learned from human-written patches
Dongsun Kim, Jaechang Nam, Jaewoo Song, Sunghun Kim
ICSE 2013
Program transformations to fix C integers
Zack Coker, Munawar Hafiz
ICSE 2013
SemFix: program repair via semantic analysis
Hoang D. T. Nguyen, Dawei Qi, Abhik Roychoudhury, Satish Chandra
ICSE 2013
Efficient Automated Program Repair through Fault-Recorded Testing Prioritization
Yuhua Qi, Xiaoguang Mao, Yan Lei
ICSM 2013
R2Fix: Automatically Generating Bug Fixes from Bug Reports
Chen Liu, Jinqiu Yang, Lin Tan, Munawar Hafiz
ICST 2013
Using automated program repair for evaluating the effectiveness of fault localization techniques
Yuhua Qi, Xiaoguang Mao, Yan Lei, Chengsong Wang
ISSTA 2013
Automatically Repairing Concurrency Bugs with ARC
David Kelk, Kevin Jalbert, Jeremy S. Bradbury
Fix Me Up: Repairing Access-Control Bugs in Web Applications
Sooel Son, Kathryn S. McKinley, Vitaly Shmatikov
NDSS 2013
Automated feedback generation for introductory programming assignments
Rishabh Singh, Sumit Gulwani, Armando Solar-Lezama
PLDI 2013


Multi-objective coevolutionary automated software correction
Josh L. Wilkerson, Daniel R. Tauritz, James M. Bridges
GECCO 2012
A systematic study of automated program repair: Fixing 55 out of 105 bugs for $8 each
Claire Le Goues, Michael Dewey-Vogt, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer
ICSE 2012
Automated repair of HTML generation errors in PHP applications using string constraint solving
Hesam Samimi, Max Schäfer, Shay Artzi, Todd D. Millstein, Frank Tip, Laurie J. Hendren
ICSE 2012
Axis: Automatically fixing atomicity violations through solving control constraints
Peng Liu, Charles Zhang
ICSE 2012
A human study of patch maintainability
Zachary P. Fry, Bryan Landau, Westley Weimer
ISSTA 2012
Modular and verified automatic program repair
Francesco Logozzo, Thomas Ball
Automated Concurrency-Bug Fixing
Guoliang Jin, Wei Zhang, Dongdong Deng
OSDI 2012
GenProg: A Generic Method for Automatic Software Repair
Claire Le Goues, ThanhVu Nguyen, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer
TSE 38 (1) 2012


Code-based automated program fixing
Yu Pei, Yi Wei, Carlo A. Furia, Martín Nordio, Bertrand Meyer
ASE 2011
Evolutionary repair of faulty software
Andrea Arcuri
Appl. Soft Comput. 11 (4) 2011
Automated error localization and correction for imperative programs
Robert Könighofer, Roderick Bloem
FMCAD 2011
Automated atomicity-violation fixing
Guoliang Jin, Linhai Song, Wei Zhang, Shan Lu, Ben Liblit
PLDI 2011
A Formal Approach to Fixing Bugs
Sara Kalvala, Richard Warburton
SBMF 2011
Specification-Based Program Repair Using SAT
Divya Gopinath, Muhammad Zubair Malik, Sarfraz Khurshid
TACAS 2011


Automated program repair through the evolution of assembly code
Eric M. Schulte, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer
ASE 2010
Automatic program repair with evolutionary computation
Westley Weimer, Stephanie Forrest, Claire Le Goues, ThanhVu Nguyen
Commun. ACM 53 (5) 2010
Automatic Error Correction of Java Programs
Christian Kern, Javier Esparza
FMICS 2010
Designing better fitness functions for automated program repair
Ethan Fast, Claire Le Goues, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer
GECCO 2010
Recurring bug fixes in object-oriented programs
Tung Thanh Nguyen, Hoan Anh Nguyen, Nam H. Pham, Jafar M. Al-Kofahi, Tien N. Nguyen
ICSE 2010
Using Mutation to Automatically Suggest Fixes for Faulty Programs
Vidroha Debroy, W. Eric Wong
ICST 2010
Automated fixing of programs with contracts
Yi Wei, Yu Pei, Carlo A. Furia, Lucas Serpa Silva, Stefan Buchholz, Bertrand Meyer, Andreas Zeller
ISSTA 2010


Generating Fixes from Object Behavior Anomalies
Valentin Dallmeier, Andreas Zeller, Bertrand Meyer
ASE 2009
ReAssert: Suggesting Repairs for Broken Unit Tests
Brett Daniel, Vilas Jagannath, Danny Dig, Darko Marinov
ASE 2009
A genetic programming approach to automated software repair
Stephanie Forrest, ThanhVu Nguyen, Westley Weimer, Claire Le Goues
GECCO 2009
BugFix: A learning-based tool to assist developers in fixing bugs
Dennis Jeffrey, Min Feng, Neelam Gupta, Rajiv Gupta
ICPC 2009
Automatically finding patches using genetic programming
Westley Weimer, ThanhVu Nguyen, Claire Le Goues, Stephanie Forrest
ICSE 2009
Automatically patching errors in deployed software
Jeff H. Perkins, Sunghun Kim, Samuel Larsen, Saman P. Amarasinghe, Jonathan Bachrach, Michael Carbin, Carlos Pacheco, Frank Sherwood, Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos, Gregory T. Sullivan, Weng-Fai Wong, Yoav Zibin, Michael D. Ernst, Martin C. Rinard
SOSP 2009
Program Repair as Sound Optimization of Broken Programs
Bernd Fischer, Ando Saabas, Tarmo Uustalu
TASE 2009


Exterminator: Automatically correcting memory errors with high probability
Gene Novark, Emery D. Berger, Benjamin G. Zorn
Commun. ACM 51 (12) 2008
Automatic Generation of Local Repairs for Boolean Programs
Roopsha Samanta, Jyotirmoy V. Deshmukh, E. Allen Emerson
FMCAD 2008
On the automation of fixing software bugs
Andrea Arcuri
ICSE Companion 2008
A novel co-evolutionary approach to automatic software bug fixing
Andrea Arcuri, Xin Yao
IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2008


Exterminator: automatically correcting memory errors with high probability
Gene Novark, Emery D. Berger, Benjamin G. Zorn
PLDI 2007


Repair of Boolean Programs with an Application to C
Andreas Griesmayer, Roderick Bloem, Byron Cook
CAV 2006
Patches as better bug reports
Westley Weimer
GPCE 2006


Program Repair as a Game
Barbara Jobstmann, Andreas Griesmayer, Roderick Bloem
CAV 2005
Finding and Fixing Faults
Stefan Staber, Barbara Jobstmann, Roderick Bloem