Community-driven effort to facilitate discovery, access and systematization of data related to automated program repair research


MCRepair: Multi-Chunk Program Repair via Patch Optimization with Buggy Block
Jisung Kim, Byungjeong Lee
SAC 2023

Automated Program Repair in the Era of Large Pre-trained Language Models
Chunqiu Steven Xia, Yuxiang Wei, Lingming Zhang
ICSE 2023

Automated Repair of Programs from Large Language Models
Zhiyu Fan, Xiang Gao, Martin Mirchev, Abhik Roychoudhury, Shin Hwei Tan
ICSE 2023

Template-based Neural Program Repair
Xiangxin Meng, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun, Xudong Liu, Chunming Hu
ICSE 2023

Tare: Type-Aware Neural Program Repair
Qihao Zhu, Zeyu Sun, Wenjie Zhang, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang
ICSE 2023

Impact of Code Language Models on Automated Program Repair
Nan Jiang, Kevin Liu, Thibaud Lutellier, Lin Tan
ICSE 2023

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HIPPODROME — statically detects and fixes data race conditions for small to large scale Java programs

JaRFly — a Java repair framework for implementing automated repair tools for Java programs

Dare — repair deep neural networks for defending against diverse adversarial attacks

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ITSP — a parallel corpus of 661 buggy-repaired program pairs submitted by CS-1 students for 74 unique assignments spread across 10 course weeks

Vul4J — a dataset of reproducible Java vulnerabilities

FixJS — a dataset of bug-fixing JavaScript commits

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Defects4J Dissection — presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset

RepairThemAll experiment — presents experimental data obtained using RepairThemAll framework

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